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Daniel Miller Reviews

What Others Say About Daniel Miller…

Daniel really wants to create an exceptional experience for the homeowners he works with. His goal is to provide you with the best solution that meets your needs. Don’t just take his word for it – take a look at what others have to say about their experience with him. Here are a few testimonials from past clients who have achieved their real estate goals with Daniel Miller in Redding.

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Brett Garnero

Brett Garnero

“I would not use anyone else for a real estate agent! Daniel goes above and beyond to help people get into a home! Very professional and great with communication. He helped my wife and I run around the whole country side looking for the right house. He showed up for inspections with my wife which I was extremely impressed with. Very good with agent to agent communication during sale. Don’t look for another agent! Call Daniel Miller! Thanks again from Brett and Andrea!”

Bill’s experience working with Daniel

Working with Daniel Miller - A Client Review with Bill Scofield

“It was great um so we were a we were in an unusual circumstance because well for a handful of reasons So one we ended up looking for the uh looking for a house right after the Carr fire So with like 1100 other people looking for a house and we have seven kids So there was that and uh so it was an adventure I mean the markets generally fluctuate so much these days You gotta have somebody who like knows their stuff so thoroughly and and but that was like totally unprecedented And so everything that was happening in the market and Daniel just was nearly unfazed He just knew what was going on and figured out how to navigate it for us and like I said there were a lot of challenges because of what was going on in the city But um the overall experience was amazing It was awesome We were just blown away by it” – Bill Scofield

Eric’s experience working with Daniel

Working with Daniel Miller - A Client Review with Eric Hess

“Buying a home isn’t like buying a car or buying clothes or some other commodity Your home is where you hang your hat but it’s also where you hang your heart And so you really want to feel peace and joy and have fun through the process And uh Daniel’s way of being his mellow cool but very present uh mentally and emotionally way of being makes it a lot easier to shop at homes You know I mean you’re you know I’m a as a consumer as a homebuyer I don’t I’m not a real estate expert I don’t know uh all the ins and outs of a good home versus a not so good home And he would very coolly you know what this is really cool in this house Eric but this part over here you might want to think about before you get totally into this” – Eric Hess

Sadie’s experience working with Daniel

Working with Daniel Miller - A Client Review with Sadie Hess

“You know to be honest our story is interesting and unique in that we are uh we’re victims of the car fire So we actually bought the home with him and then we walked through the process of buying another home which was a different process a little more painful And so he had to kind of um shift and pivot a little bit to work with us in a different environment because we had just lost our home We were trying to figure out um what would be now right for our family and he walked us through that process So and we so we had a new level of trust and relationship going through that process again with now having just lost a home and needing to find a new family home So kind of a unique experience actually” – Sadie Hess

Joe & Angelina’s experience working with Daniel

Working with  Daniel Miller - A Client Review with Joe & Angelina Odell

“Well the first time we kind of drove the process because we were really excited as first time home buyers And then the second time we were kind of just waiting for the right opportunity to sell our our home that we had built equity in to roll that into a new house Um however that process and deciding when to move and when to not and when the markets ride is really tough And so using uh Daniel was really helpful because he just sent a text every once in a while like hey check out this house Um and he ended up finding one I like to think I find everything but Daniel um actually found our house which was amazing And we’ve been there three years now and just love it I’m a homebody so being happy at home is really important to me And the house we recently purchased has been amazing We my kids and I are able to just relax by the pool and it’s really nice to not have to leave home to entertain ourselves We just have everything we need at home The benefits of my family have been immense Um you know the I think we spent all day yesterday in our pool with our family um just going around with the kids and uh you know I think there’s just moments that come along that you really appreciate the process you’ve been through and where you’re at and uh really just uh super grateful for where we’re at” – Joe & Angelina Odell

Jenn’s experience working with Daniel

Working with Daniel Miller - A Client Review with Jenn Wandler

“You know when you’re going through an experience there’s ways that you can find little inconsistencies and you can be unhappy with certain things but really in the end you really want someone who’s going to be very calm very you know unopinionated about whether you purchase a home or not And and just helping you with the facts of what’s going on with the house whether the house is worth it whether it’s going to improve its you know value just the different things And Daniel knows us well enough to just from having worked with him one time he knows how to work with us You know he knows where we might freak out or where we might feel stressed or whatever And he’s really good about working with those things you know and he’s really um he’s just the kind of the yin to the crazy chaotic yang of selling and buying houses you know And so he makes the things as smooth as they Our last home buying experience well both home buying experiences and selling experiences were very high stress The dates were very exact and they had to work out and money and all the things And he was just completely calm And there were many times you know I would call him the you know jokingly refer to him as the therapist realtor because it’s like that’s what you have to do in real estate You know you have to be able to tell your clients okay it’s going to be okay Let’s just wait until tomorrow and see what’s going on You know and he’s really good at that He’s an excellent therapy realtor”

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